Brexit Survival Guide [Updated Sep 2020]

The UK and EU still seek a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) to set future customs, regulations and trade relations - however, the UK could be forced into a ‘no trade-deal’ Brexit, which means full tariffs and customs obligations.

  • What happens if a trade deal doesn’t get done?
  • What help is being offered on new VAT and customs rules?
  • What are the new Northern Ireland arrangements?

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Brexit survival guide

This guide, updated as of September 2020, advises how companies can keep goods and services flowing, whilst avoiding hefty tax costs and a poor customer experience.

What's inside?

  • Brexit – where we are right now?
  • Brexit preparation checklist for 2021
  • What happens if there is no trade deal
  • Details on key actions to take
  • How does the new Northern Ireland VAT and customs regime work?
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