Avalara MTD Filer

Avalara’s free MTD Filer simplifies VAT return filing under HMRC’s new MTD rules

Helping businesses of all sizes ensure they are MTD compliant

To support digital filing in compliance with HMRC Making Tax Digital (MTD) rules, Avalara launched MTD Filer, a free Microsoft Excel add-in to help businesses of all sizes file their returns in accordance with HMRC obligations.

Small enterprises

Using manual or spreadsheet-based records will not need to invest in approved accounting packages, and can use their existing records

Businesses with multiple accounting systems

With VAT data that’s currently consolidated in Excel before manual keying need not develop new software upgrades or bridges

Group VAT returns

For companies which consolidate multi-subsidiary data in Excel prior to manual HMRC uploads can continue with no new reconfigurations

MTD Filer provides a simple and effective solution for businesses to file VAT returns as well as retrieve filing obligations, liabilities, and payment history.  

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