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NIL returns for filing GSTR3B can be done filed through SMS

In a bid to facilitate the easier and faster filing of pending NIL GSTR3B returns, the Centre announced the filing of nil returns for GSTR3B using SMS. ...Continued

Paratha is not roti - AAR ruling sparks debates across the country

The Authority of Advance Ruling in Karnataka has ruled that ready-to-eat paratha needs to be heated or further processed for human consumption and hence is liable for 18% GST sparking quite the debate...Continued

CBIC Clarifies Applicability Of GST On Directors' Remuneration

After much confusion and debate surrounding the applicability of the Goods and Services Tax on the remuneration paid to the director at an organisation, the Central Board for Indirect Taxes and Custom...Continued

58% of India's national permit trucks start plying roads once again

As many as 8 lakh tracks viz. a whopping 58% of India's national permit truck population is back on roads. ...Continued

CBIC extends Date of Transition under GST of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli till July 2020

The Central Board for Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has extended the date of transition under the Goods and Service Tax on the merger account of erstwhile Union Territories of Daman and Diu & Dada...Continued

CBIC extends the validity of all e-way bills generated during the lockdown

In a move that provides much-needed relief to transport businesses, the Central Board for Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) extended the expiry date of all e-way bills generated during the lockdown pe...Continued

GST Council urged to levy COVID-19 cess on tobacco products

Public health groups and economists have appealed to the GST Council to levy a special COVID19 cess on tobacco products (like the one that was first levied by the State Government of Delhi on sale of ...Continued

Highlights of 40th GST Council Meeting

Reduced interest rate and late fees, extensions in deadlines for restoring cancelled registrations - here are all the important highlights from the 40th GST Council Meeting...Continued

Omnibus case laws throw caution for presuming taxability exempted under GST

As a rule of thumb, most of the activities of a non-profit entity are generally exempted under GST in India. However, there may be some activities that can attract GST lens....Continued

Centre releases Rs 36,400-crore GST compensation to states amidst COVID-19 crisis

Days ahead of the 40th Goods and Services Tax Council Meet on June 12th 2020, and the Centre has released compensation to states amounting to ₹36,400 crores....Continued