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Probable GST implications arising from disputes during COVID-19 crisis

With over 3.5 lakh Coronavirus cases in the country, India is definitely struggling at all economic fronts. This pandemic and subsequent lockdown has created challenges at domestic as well as internat...Continued

GST relief measures for surviving post COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic and consequent lockdown is paving the way for the new normal. Unfortunately, this new normal is going to lead businesses in India and around the world through a rather painful...Continued

Imposition of GST in the publishing industry can curb piracy

While digitisation has paved the pathway for an environment friendly, economical and easily accessible network for sharing the written word, the declining publishing industry might not see digitisatio...Continued

Permanent work from home a possibility. Is your biz prepared?

Recently, a well-known FMCG company in India put up its headquarters for lease. The reason? It has asked the 300 employees serving at its headquarters to permanently work from home. While this is an u...Continued

Relief for Corporate Debtors during COVID-19 pandemic

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, while still in its initial years, has paved the way for faster and more efficient resolution of insolvency proceedings by replacing the existing bankruptcy la...Continued

New GST registration functionality for corporate debtors

In a significant move that will benefit taxpayers who fall under the category of Corporate Debtor as per provisions under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, a new registration functionality has been ...Continued

Parota, popcorn, oil - here's what you must know about contradictory AAR rulings

In the last few weeks, India has witnessed various scenarios where different commodities have attracted tax disputes owing to contradictory decisions taken by the Authority for advance ruling under th...Continued

How to file GST PMT 09?

The Central Board of Indirect Tax and Customs (CBIC) recently introduced the PMT 09 form with a view to facilitate the transfer of cash from one head to another head of the electronic cash ledger. ...Continued

GST issues unearthed by COVID-19 crisis

The year 2016 witnessed some massive changes in the country. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming into power, a lot of changes were applied to Government systems and one of them was reviving the c...Continued

GST phishing schemes on the rise during COVID-19 crisis

While businesses are struggling to stay afloat and the Government is tirelessly working to implement reform and relief measures during the COVID-19 economic crisis, online fraudsters seem to be raisin...Continued