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GST benefits for SMEs

Since its implementation in July 2017, the Goods and Services Tax has been crowned as the tax reform that revolutionized India’s indirect tax system. Yet it has been under tight scrutiny and has been ...Continued

GST exemptions can disrupt the value chain

We are closing on three months since the Centre imposed a nationwide lockdown to fight the Coronavirus pandemic and during this time, the Government has worked on a number of tax measures in a bid to ...Continued

How the shortfall in GST revenues can be bridged?

In its 40th GST Council Meet, Union Corporate Affairs and Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitaraman announced a meeting to be held in the month of July 2020 to discuss compensation to States. The States hav...Continued

How has GST affected the real estate development sector in India?

When the Goods and Services Tax was first implemented in July 2017, it impacted industries and trade sectors exactly as it had in other countries that had implemented this indirect tax system much bef...Continued

GST challenges during COVID-19 crisis

The last three months have had economies across the world struggle with the Coronavirus crisis. India is no stranger to economic challenges but a pandemic of this degree is on the verge of crippling s...Continued

How can businesses cut down on tax risk during and post pandemic?

Even as India moves toward normalisation and starts to ’unlock’ the country after a three-month nationwide lockdown, the full blow of the economic difficulties that businesses are likely to face is ye...Continued

How does PMT 09 make GST rectification easier?

Since it was first implemented in July 2017, the Goods and Services Tax has been continually evolving. This evolution has been taking place mainly due to feedback provided by taxpayers based on the gl...Continued

The road ahead for digital tax in India

In a country that has over 560 million internet users and a buying economy of USD 250 billion, it is only the next natural progression for India to bring companies who have a digital presence in the c...Continued

Why are expired e-way bills such a big deal?

When the Centre implemented a nationwide lockdown two months ago, close to 20% of the 75 lakh commercial vehicles that ply across the country were stranded on national highways with consignments worth...Continued

Violations that can cancel your GST registration

While the Centre has announced a number of relief measures for businesses in India during this lockdown, tax paying businesses will need to be prepared for a number of changes under the Goods and Serv...Continued