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Will eCommerce deep discounting dispute make a comeback post lockdown?

eCommerce businesses have gained profound prominence as being front runners for delivering essential goods to millions of consumers during the Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent nationwide lockdown. ...Continued

The silver lining behind India’s supply chain disruption

The novel Coronavirus pandemic has pressed pause on trading and business disrupting supply chains across the world. From halting production of goods to shortage of raw materials, most businesses in In...Continued

E-commerce loopholes that are likely to be fixed by India’s e-commerce policy

While eCommerce firms across India have earned quite a few brownies points for working practically without any breaks during the nationwide lockdown and are being counted among the nation’s front runn...Continued

Why is the electric vehicle industry a huge opportunity for India?

The future is electric, and India is a potentially huge market for the Electric Vehicle industry. While almost every industry in the country has been affected by the current COVID-19 crisis, the elect...Continued

Will cryptocurrency be brought under GST purview?

The cryptocurrency industry in India is worth 13 billion dollars and has a potential to create over 20,000 jobs nationwide....Continued

Everything you need to know about the hype around liquor tax

The third phase of the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic brought in some relief to Indian citizens with lockdown relaxations. One of the most significant relaxations during this peri...Continued

Can India be inspired by Finland’s VAT loan?

Nearly three months into the world’s biggest nationwide lockdown, India continues to see a rise in the number of Coronavirus positive cases. But it’s not just the troubling pandemic victim numbers tha...Continued

Alternatives to GST rate cuts

The Coronavirus crisis has pushed trade verticals across India in a state of panic as the nationwide lockdown is adding to the already existing burden of an overall economic slump. While the Centre an...Continued

COVID 19 economic trouble is only just the beginning

In the times of COVID-19 when businesses are struggling to remain afloat and the economy is slowing down as a result, we have another massive issue to grapple with viz. reduced GST collections by the ...Continued

Claiming GST refund as an exporter? Here’s what you need to know

When a taxpayer involved in export operations files their Goods and Services Tax returns, they are entitled to claim a refund as export supplies fall under the category of zero-rated supplies. ...Continued