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Georgia, South Carolina lift pandemic restrictions on short-term rentals

After several states closed short-term rentals as part of efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Georgia is the first state to lift restrictions statewide. Individual local governments in some sta...Continued

States restrict short-term rentals in response to pandemic

State-level restrictions include exemptions, such as providing accommodations to health care workers, first responders, and law enforcement....Continued

Florida, North Carolina, Connecticut offer lodging tax relief

Issuing executive orders, extending filing deadlines, and waiving penalties are just some of the steps several states are taking. ...Continued

States change lodging tax requirements in response to COVID-19

Read about the states offering vacation rental hosts more time to file and/or pay lodging taxes or renew lodging tax registrations....Continued

Florida Keys short-term rentals, hotels ordered to close down starting Sunday

Designed to stop the spread of COVID-19, the order also prohibits short-term rentals and hotels from taking new reservations....Continued

What the coronavirus means for short-term rentals

Draconian measures to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19 are having an enormous impact on businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry....Continued

Wyoming passes statewide lodging tax that will apply to short-term rentals

The new law levies a 5% tax on all short-term lodging in the state and will go into effect on January 1, 2021....Continued

Minnesota bill would create new property tax classification for short-term rentals

And Minnesota isn’t alone in debating property tax issues related to short-term rentals. ...Continued

Hosting events at your short-term rental

Hosts need to be careful about events on their properties. Knowing the rules can help avoid trouble with rental platforms, neighbors, and the law....Continued

New Nashville zoning option may be used to ban short-term rentals in future developments

The zoning could help more multifamily developments get approved and would only apply to future developments, not existing ones or those already being planned....Continued