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Mississippi’s Online Sales Tax Filing Requirements

  • Nov 19, 2013 | Gail Cole

 Filing Mississippi sales tax: All you need is Internet access.

Businesses that collect and remit sales and use tax in Mississippi Department of Revenue’s new online filing system, which is accessed through the Taxpayer Access Point (TAP). Beginning October 7, 2013, the department is requesting that Mississippi businesses file electronically.

Businesses unable to file electronically will receive pre-addressed sales tax forms in the mail each year. However, the following businesses are required to use the TAP system:

  • Businesses with more than one sales tax account;
  • Businesses that file more than four tax rates;
  • Businesses with more than one business location subject to sales taxes; and
  • Businesses subject to any of the fees and taxes listed here.

Technology upgrade

Mississippi DOR is in the midst of a 5-year technology upgrade intended to facilitate filing for the state’s 1.5 million taxpayers. According to the department, the benefits of using the new online system include:

  • Error reduction: TAP ensures all required information is included and it calculates math for the user;
  • Accessible information: A minimum of three years of tax filing information is available online; and
  • Account changes: Close accounts, change addresses, and apply for new permits easily.

Electronic filing should make filing sales and use tax returns easier for businesses selling in one location in Mississippi.

An automated sales tax solution is ideal for businesses selling into multiple tax jurisdictions.

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