Sales Tax News

Sales tax holiday for energy-efficient products introduced in Ohio

Ohio considers a new tax-free period for energy-efficient products....Continued

Florida would exempt diapers from sales tax in 2020

There's a proposal to exempt diapers from Florida sales tax in 2020, but tax would still apply to diapers sold for chickens, dogs, and other non-humans....Continued

2019 sales tax holidays proposed for Florida

Two 2019 sales tax holidays have been proposed in Florida....Continued

Wyoming looks to broaden sales tax, change state sales tax rate

Competing measures pertaining to sales and use tax have been introduced in the Wyoming Legislature. ...Continued

Coloradans reject state sales tax hike

Colorado will have to find another source of revenue to improve transportation after voters reject state sales tax rate increase....Continued

Australia’s tampon tax is dead

Australia is making headlines for eliminating its tampon tax. It's been a long time coming....Continued

Upcoming sales tax changes in the District of Columbia

Several notable changes related to sales and use tax will take effect in the District of Columbia on October 1, 2018, including a general sales tax rate change....Continued

Mississippi and Tennessee sales tax holidays start July 27

Although there are similarities between the upcoming tax-free periods in Mississippi and Tennessee, there are some key differences, too. ...Continued

Louisiana sales tax holidays on vacation through June 30, 2025

Louisiana's state sales tax holidays are temporarily on hold....Continued

Louisiana hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday starts May 26

The 2018 Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday for Hurricane Preparedness Supplies takes place Memorial Day Weekend. ...Continued