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Sales and use tax and related compliance laws can be an ever-changing challenge for your customers. By incorporating the right tools into your products and services, you meet their needs with a single solution - providing greater value and giving your business a competitive advantage.

Avalara plugs into the systems and solutions you already use, with more than 700 prebuilt connections into ERP, ecommerce, marketplace, point of sale, accounting software, and other systems and applications, plus an advanced API. By partnering with us, you can offer Avalara tax compliance tools within your application, including:

Real-time rate calculations

Exemptions and certificate management

Sales and use tax reporting

Returns filing and payments

There are a lot of integrations out there, but most only serve one or two of these functions. Avalara provides an evolving set of robust tax compliance features so your product stays relevant to your customers as their businesses grow.
Avalara supports omnichannel sellers with a variety of needs:

We handle extremely complex tax situations  and simple ones, too.

Our solutions align with always-shifting compliance requirements.

We, and therefore you, support evolving tax burdens.

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Partner Launch Team

Different businesses have different needs - and some are more complex than others. Depending on the resources you have and the support you need, our Partner Launch Team can assist you. Compliance and technology specialists on your Partner Launch Team can guide you through the process of designing, building, and testing your integration, and are ready to answer your questions.

Want to become a Preferred Developer?

Avalara Preferred Developers are a select group of developers, certified to build Avalara integrations with all kinds of systems. We ensure you know our API inside and out, then refer you to customers who need development help. You get lead generation, our customers get reliable, expert partners. It’s win/win.


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