Bob Romano

VP, Finance at Life Is Good

We built out our affiliate program in 2009 and our tax accountants brought sales tax concerns to our attention. Back then, states were already beginning to consider affiliates as sufficient presence to create sales tax collection responsibilities, and we wanted to be ready and able to comply properly.

As we grew, our affiliates created a presence for us in new states. Some states charge sales tax on freight, others don’t and each state has its own product taxability definitions and rules.

I did my homework. I looked at several possible solutions that could give us accurate sales tax calculation and reporting. I focused on the calculation service provided by each company and compared cost, capabilities and reporting features. In the end, I selected Avalara.

Avalara reporting is easy to read. It gives us a lot of different ways to slice and dice the reports, giving us what we need to easily create and file our sales tax returns.

The reports we get from Avalara AvaTax enable us to develop a smooth process of pulling the information we need, preparing the returns and filing on time.

Once you’ve got the process down, it’s not difficult. Avalara’s accurate tax decision engine and excellent reporting capabilities make an easy transition possible.

With Avalara AvaTax reports, our process is better because we have the information we need.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Bob Romano serves as vice president of finance and operates out of the company’s Boston headquarters.


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