Monica Stancik

Information Systems Director at Nashville Wire

We are always looking to maximize our technology investments, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Before we transitioned to Sage MAS 500, I was responsible for handling sales tax rate tables in the old application. I was busy managing an entire IT department; I didn’t have the bandwidth to monitor constantly changing tax rates.

It was time for an automated sales tax solution to drive efficiency within the new system. Two components were critical: affordability and integration with Sage MAS 500.

Sage Sales Tax ensured that accurate sales tax research information and rate tables would be employed with all of our transactions.

The increased efficiency has reduced costs, improved our order invoicing experience and virtually eliminated sales tax errors.

We recently purchased a company with nexus in Canada. Just knowing the Canadian piece is available in Sage Sales Tax is a plus. Adding the new division to Sage Sales Tax is so seamless, the new company will come online with us and the tax part is invisible to them.

I hardly ever think about sales tax tables anymore. Sage Sales Tax frees me from managing tedious tax pieces in the database so I can perform my duties without distraction.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Monica Stancik serves as the company’s IS director, operating out of the global headquarters in Nashville, TN.


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