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Tools and resources to help marketplace sellers figure out sales tax obligations

How do legislative changes to sales tax laws affect marketplace sellers?

With the recent wave of new rules, it can be challenging to understand your sales tax obligations when selling into states. It gets even more complicated when some or all of your sales are made via a marketplace facilitator, such as Amazon, Etsy, or eBay. The resources below are designed to help you understand which sales tax laws impact businesses that sell through a marketplace, what you need to pay attention to, and how to stay compliant with sales tax when selling through an online marketplace.

Marketplace seller essentials

A state-by-state guide to registration requirements for marketplace sellers

Many marketplace sellers ask, Do I need register with a state if all my sales into that state are via a marketplace that’s already collecting for me? Like many issues related to sales tax, it depends. Read our state-by-state guide to registration requirements for marketplace sellers.


Different states, different rules

Whether you need to remit sales tax from your marketplace store depends on which states you sell to. See how rule sets in Avalara AvaTax can help you correctly apply sales tax, based on state laws.

Current news and resources for marketplace sellers

Tools to get sales tax compliant

Ready to master your tax obligations when selling via online marketplaces? View our solutions to support your business and help you keep up with ever-changing sales tax rules and requirements. 

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The 2021 Sales Tax Changes Report is here

See what’s new with economic nexus, marketplace seller laws, global trade, and more.

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