Why choose AvaTax as your sales tax automation tool? Hear from our customers why they think Avalara's products are superior and what it takes to get started.

Sales tax can be complex and time consuming. Which is why it's refreshing to hear from customers how easy it was to get up and running with AvaTax -- the fastest, easiest, most accurate and most affordable automated sales tax solution available.


Jeanne Higgins: We realized that it was something that we need to do. It was definitely worth the money. And in terms of getting the paperwork and the implementation, it was a piece of cake.

Anthony Carter: As far as getting the integration ready to go, it was a simple mapping of all of our items with the different taxability codes that Avalara provides. The dashboard itself is pretty intuitive for anyone to use.

Brad Tablot: They were able to walk me through at different stages of my learning, I guess, you could say. "Oh, you can actually find that information in this report really nice instead of looking for it over here." And just help me to best find the reports to minimizing my time that I needed to get the information that I needed to get the information that I needed.

Ray Watts: So not only did I have to learn AvaTax, I had to learn about sales tax as well 'cuz I had never done anything like that in the past. And AvaTax was instrumental in help making me learn that.

Shelley McNaughton: The support staff was right there for every step of the way. They made it seamless. They really made it seamless.

Julian Henderson: Fairly simple, I actually up and running first day, basically. Off it was running, so I don't think we ever looked back.