Why choose Avalara Returns as your sales tax automation tool? Hear from our customers why they think Avalara's products are superior.

Calculating sales tax is critical. But for many customers, the filing and remitting process is the problem that hits home month after month.


Al: All we have to do is look at a dashboard at the end of the month, figure out where it's at, the tax returns get filed. Money comes out of the account. We just have to book the entry,

Anthony: The fact was we had a staff accountant, she had a lot more work to do. And doing all these tax returns was just way too time consuming. So, we decided to go with Returns, for the nominal fee that it was.

Jeanne: I guess it would be the filing aspect, because that was really the area that really made me a little nervous. Because each state has different deadlines, and different timing. And in order for me to get everything right, I had list and checklist. As we grow, there's more and more states that I have to keep track of. So, now I don't have to worry about it. By the tenth of the month, I approve the numbers, and I just let someone else do the filing for me, and check them after the moment, which is great.

Mary Lou: Well not only did we need to make sure that we were collecting the correct amount of tax, but every state's return is different. Some of them are very simple, some of them are very complex. Again, it needed to be something that was scalable. And I just didn't see the benefit of hiring someone to just be able to fill out tax returns every month. So many of them we need to fill out every month. It's too big of a headache, so we saw a great value in the reporting side.