Why choose AvaTax as your sales tax automation tool? Hear from our customers why they think Avalara's products are superior.

Once they decided to automate their sales tax solution, these customers spend two minutes telling us why they chose AvaTax.


Al: We went through three or four different options, but none of them were as robust as Avalara because we knew we wanted to grow. And in growth, we wanted something we'd grow into and not have to re-evaluate every three to five years.

Jeanne: I'm a small company Accounting Manager that does it all. I do payroll. I do all aspects of accounting. And the sales-tax process was taking a huge chunk of my time. So, it was also a selling point to say, "Let's take some of the stress away from me". When we heard that Avalara could do the filing as well as the calculations, that's really what convinced us it would be the way to go. And it's saved me hours of time every month.

Jeff: So we tried automating it with a competing service and it didn't work. It worked to a fashion but we got a lot of notices, other issues cropped up, and that's when we switched to AvaTax.

Julian: To have someone actually look at every sheet, to validate the address changes and the tax code and the updated tax changes. We'd need a staff of 20 to do what Avalara does for us.

Alexis: There's lots of different options within your system and we sort of like to do that with ours as well. And you guys are affordable, so that always helps.

Anthony: We talked to our Sales Rep. over at NetSuite, and they recommended, "Go with AvaTax. They're one of our partners". It's something we've recommended to other people and they've had good success. So we just went to you guys.

Al: It was the best thing we did. We've got everything we want. We're in probably 38 States and 5 provinces in Canada right now. All through Avalara.