Tax compliance designed for every business, every size

Our suite of products automates your tax compliance — from calculation and returns to registration and document management.


Get sales and use tax calculations based on the latest rules and rates in our system delivered to your shopping cart or invoicing applications in real time.

Our suite of calculation products covers sales tax, consumer use tax, excise tax, and communications tax.

  • Automatically apply tax rates for everything you sell

  • Keep up with rate changes for every location

  • Track your tax obligations (nexus) for every state and jurisdiction

  • Consolidate reports on sales tax liabilities and exemptions


Automate the returns process, from preparation and filing to remittance. Easily track various filing calendars, manage requirements for each state and jurisdiction, and offload the payment process.

Our suite of returns products covers sales tax, consumer use tax, excise tax, communications tax, and lodging tax.

  • Access a single, easy-to-use dashboard

  • Allow Avalara to file on your behalf

  • Easily connect to popular ecommerce systems, ERPs, and other business applications


Simplify the process of sales tax registration across the U.S. — all from a single solution.

  • Register in multiple locations with a single form

  • Allow Avalara to prepare necessary application forms and make payments directly to licensing authorities

  • Register for $349 per location


Automatically omit tax from exempt sales and efficiently manage exemption documentation from the cloud.

Our suite of document management products covers sales and use tax, excise tax, and vendor federal tax forms for FATCA compliance and audit protection.

  • Collect, store, and manage certifications through a single dashboard

  • Automatically apply tax exemptions at checkout — in store, online, and in the field

  • Stay ahead of certificate expiration dates with automatic renewal requests


Increase business efficiency with deep insight from your sales tax and transaction data.

  • Determine where you have potential obligations to file and remit sales tax in all U.S. states

  • Sell internationally with country-specific tariff codes for your products

Avalara Item Classification

Ideal for: 
Assigning country-specific tariff codes to products for more efficient and accurate customs documentation.

Used by:
Online retailers that sell internationally

Avalara Sales Tax Risk Assessment

Ideal for:
Determining where a business has created potential obligations to file and remit sales tax based on sales volume (economic nexus) and physical presence (physical nexus).

Used by: 
Online retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and other businesses that sell remotely into states in which they’re not registered.


Our platform combines a vast tax database, a reliable and secure infrastructure that scales, and an extensive network of prebuilt integrations — delivered from the cloud.


With 700+ ways to connect, Avalara plugs into the business systems and solutions you already use — from popular ERPs, ecommerce systems, accounting systems, and other business applications.

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