Avalara for Beverage Alcohol

Simplifying regulatory compliance for suppliers, distributors, and retailers in the beverage alcohol industry

We combine software and service to manage the complexities of compliance.

Avalara for Beverage Alcohol automatically calculates tax rates using the latest tax information, while working seamlessly with other Avalara products and beverage alcohol industry tools. We also obtain and renew licenses, register products at federal and state levels, and generate shipment reports and tax returns on your behalf. 

Avalara AvaTax for Beverage Alcohol

Beverage alcohol industry regulations and tax rules exist at the federal, state, county, and city levels — with little or no consistency between jurisdictions. AvaTax for Beverage Alcohol helps reduce non-compliance and audit risk exposure. 

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One source of data

Removes the need to research and maintain multiple sources of rate and jurisdiction information.

Multiple tax types

AvaTax Beverage Alcohol calculates sales and use tax, markup tax, and liquor-by-the-drink tax.

A broader view

Get visibility into all compliance-related tasks via the task management module.

Streamlined compliance

The task request module handles collection and submission of documents required to initiate compliance tasks.

Improved vendor compatibility

Eliminates working and negotiating with multiple vendors for point solutions for beverage alcohol compliance.

System integration

Import data into common beverage alcohol business applications, including WineDirect, vinSUITE, AMS, Commerce7, VineSpring, VinNOW, Microworks, OrderPort, and truvi.

Avalara Licensing for Beverage Alcohol

Failure to properly register and maintain state beverage alcohol licenses can result in revocation of licensure in the state, and potentially at the federal level. Licensing for Beverage Alcohol tracks registration with the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), state departments of revenue (DORs), and Alcohol Beverage Control departments (ABCs).

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Get the forms you need

All necessary license and tax permit forms are automatically generated based on company account information.

Keep track of renewals

We’ll generate license renewal requests based on known state deadlines and processing timelines.

Know when to modify licenses

Any change in company information stored in the system triggers a recommendation for a license modification request.

Avalara Product Registration for Beverage Alcohol

Secure the right permits in the right places and make sure every label is properly registered at the federal and state levels. With Product Registration for Beverage Alcohol, we’ll take care of the heavy lifting, so you can stay on top of this ongoing task.

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Get your paperwork in order

Create federal Certificate of Label Approval (COLA) submissions for new products as well as signature-ready or eFile-ready packets for state product registrations.

Don’t let changes trip up compliance

State-based rules generate product registration revision applications based on changes to alcohol by volume (ABV), vintage, and bottle size specifications.

Keep up with renewals

Receive product registration renewal requests based on active product list.

Avalara Returns for Beverage Alcohol

Failure to comply with reporting requirements and tax remittance can put business licensure in jeopardy. With Returns for Beverage Alcohol we manage your end-to-end returns process for you, ensuring compliance while reducing manual effort.

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Improve efficiency

Returns for Beverage Alcohol streamlines your tax and shipment report filing process, and we’ll even file for you.

Get all the right info

Create direct-to-consumer returns, including sales tax, excise tax, markup tax, and shipment reports.

File your way

We’ll supply returns in signature-ready or eFile-ready format — complete with detailed instructions.

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*Avalara for Beverage Alcohol Terms and Conditions can be found here.