A better way to manage exemption certificates

Gain complete control over sales tax exemption certificate management. Avalara CertCapture scales to fit business needs as they grow or expand into additional states. It’s the easiest, quickest way to manage your exemption certificate process and be prepared for audits, long before they occur.

Collect exemption certificates your way

Collect and validate new sales tax exemption certificates during checkout, whether in store, online, or in the field. Customers can also submit their information through a secure web portal or you can send prefilled certificate requests to scan, fax, or email. The CertCapture Mobile Scan App also lets your employees collect, validate, and securely store certificates using a smartphone or tablet.

Exemption forms can be configured using your own rules and data fields, then stored in the cloud for future use

Simplify management with automation

CertCapture syncs with your transaction tax software to automatically apply tax exemptions to purchases, including drop-shipments and purchase orders.

It also serves as an audit management platform by storing all your exemption certificates in one place. Bulk export your documents, or grant auditors read-only access to your files — a special portal allows your auditor to see only the exemption certificates they request, so you can close audits faster. 

Stay ahead of certificate expiration dates

CertCapture tracks expiration dates and automatically sends renewal requests before exemption certificates expire. Existing customers can update missing information online, via fax, or by mail. Returned documents can be uploaded directly to the database.    

CertCapture works with

Avalara AvaTax

Dynamically delivers sales tax calculations to your shopping cart or invoicing system, applying exemptions from CertCapture along the way.

Avalara Returns

Prepares and files your sales and use tax returns, remits payments, and handles related notices across multiple jurisdictions every filing cycle.

Implementation service

With personalized training and configuration support, you can rely on our professional team to set you up for success with CertCapture, or any Avalara product.