Compliance documents

Manage the documents you need to maintain tax compliance as you scale your business

Benefits of Avalara compliance document management

Improve customer experience

Create a better purchase experience for your customers with fewer headaches for your team

Collect and apply certificates at the point of sale, regardless of whether your customers purchase in person, over the phone, or online

Streamline certificate collection to speed up transaction times

Improve cash flow by reducing tax calculation errors that can result in rebilling and delayed orders

Upload certificates online or by taking a photo in the mobile app

Automatically apply exemptions when a valid certificate is on file, reducing credits and rebills

Enable customers to upload existing certificates or submit information to generate a new one

Meet compliance requirements

Maintain records and access them easily from different finance and ecommerce systems

Keep up with new collection requirements due to remote employees, drop shipping, inventory storage, and economic thresholds, which can be triggered by exempt sales in some states

Manage a secure, centralized document repository to access for future purchases, generate reports, and reference during audits

Get alerts when documents are expiring and automatically generate renewal request emails

Confirm certificates are valid at the point of collection without expending additional resources

Provide read-only access to business departments, sales teams, partners, and external auditors

Increase resource efficiency

Manage compliance as you scale, with flexibility for your team and your changing tech stack

Keep all required documents up to date in a centrally managed location, accessible to multiple departments and business systems

Provide secure document access to remote employees

Offload compliance expertise so your team can focus on revenue-generating tasks

Integrate your ERP, CRM, accounting, and other systems with any of our 700+ prebuilt connectors and integrations or our robust API


Avalara Vendor Exemptions saves time and improves efficiency

It costs time and money to manually manage sales tax exemption certificates. And if your certificates are incorrect you could overpay on taxes and put your vendor at risk. Save time, protect customers, and be more efficient with certificate automation from Avalara Vendor Exemptions.

Save time and promote more efficient use of resources through automation

Improve supply chain agility

Centralize storage of exemption certificates for easy access

Features and benefits

Published, standardized APIs

Proactive collection during checkout

2D barcode technology

Secure, wizard-based customer portal with digital signature

Single sign-on access through identity management programs

Integrated search to access any certificate

Features and benefits

Published, standardized APIs

Proactive collection during checkout

2D barcode technology

Secure, wizard-based customer portal with digital signature

Single sign-on access through identity management programs

Integrated search to access any certificate

Manage exemption certificates

Avalara AvaTax
Basic exemption management

For businesses with a limited number of certificates to manage, Avalara AvaTax includes AvaTax Exemptions. Apply tax exemptions and collect supporting documentation with a platform powered by Avalara CertCapture.

Request, store, and manage exemption certificates

Generate reports for internal or external audits

Get basic exemption services with no-touch onboarding

“We were not properly collecting exemption certificates before we used AvaTax. We are in complete compliance now.”
— Kellie Harrell, CPA
TriEst Ag Group, Inc

Avalara CertCapture
Advanced compliance document services

Avalara CertCapture can help businesses with more complex compliance document management needs. Available as a stand-alone product, CertCapture also integrates with AvaTax for more sophisticated exemption services.

Collect, verify, store, and access certificates

Outsource validating, reporting, and compliance-related administrative tasks to Managed Services

Create an auditor dashboard for improved access to requested documents

“CertCapture has made managing tax exemption certificates simple.”

— Catherine Roggenbuck, Jamf

Generate and issue exemption certificates to vendors

Avalara Vendor Exemptions
Streamline and optimize the vendor exemption process

Exemption certificates are essential for avoiding sales tax on exempt purchases. If you get them wrong, it may mean overpayment, audits, and supply chain delays for you and your customers. This can impact your cash flow and business reputation.

Automated exemption certificate management helps you avoid the following:

  • Overpayment
  • Credit rebilling
  • Product delivery delays

3 steps to document compliance



Collect and verify documents from customers at the point of purchase



Maintain a document database and alert customers when certificates are about to expire



Access documents when generating reports or during audits

"I can’t imagine going back to the way we did it before. Today it would be a full-time job for one or two people, and the possibility of an audit would be nerve-wracking if we didn’t have everything accurately aligned and readily available”

— Sarah Musser, Operations Manager

Bartlett Bearing Company

CertCapture is designed for companies that manage a large number of exemption certificates, from smaller manufacturers to enterprise organizations. It easily scales with business changes and growth.

Avalara’s exemption certificate experts are available to help you migrate from manual processes to the automated world. Choose the level of support you need, from a standard plan to customized implementation.

Though many ERPs support document attachments within a customer record, they can’t apply the information in the document to customer transactions.

Requesting certificates for prior purchases is time-consuming, inconvenient, and can delay order processing. In addition, you may end up exempting tax based on an expired, invalid, or incomplete certificate, which can put you at risk during an audit.

CertCapture consolidates paper and digital certificates into a single, easily accessible document repository. Any certificates you need to collect for future purchases can be processed automatically, at the point of purchase, improving customer experience and reducing workload for staff.

During an audit, access the certificates you need with just a few clicks. You can also create a secure portal for auditors to access the documents they need without having to bother your staff.

Determining whether a customer is taxable is a part of the sales and invoicing process for exempt sellers. Avalara AvaTax and CertCapture work together to properly assess the taxability of a transaction, verify whether a current certificate is on file, and apply the tax or exemption accordingly.

CertCapture also supplies information for reporting and works with Avalara returns products for returns preparation and filing.

Pricing depends on several factors unique to each business. The cost consists of a one-time setup fee, charges related to the number of certificates you manage, and any Professional Services you use for implementation. To get an estimate, contact one of our exemption experts. They’ll talk to you about your business and recommend a solution based on your needs.

The time it takes to implement CertCapture depends on the number of certificates you need to migrate, the number of customers in your system, and the number of entities within your business. To find out more, contact one of our exemption experts who can give you an estimate.

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