Greece VAT Live Reporting

Greece is likely to introduce live invoice reporting and e-invoices in January 2020. This will include daily reporting of B2B and B2C invoices through the tax authority’s TAXISnet portal.

E-invoices for B2G transactions have already been mandated for mid-2019. In other states, this is the pre-cursor to full live reporting and e-invoices to B2B and B2C submissions.

Real-time VAT invoice reporting

Much of the legislation and guidance is yet to be produced. But key elements so far include:

  • Daily invoice reporting by vendors to TAXISnet clearing portal
  • B2B e-invoices to be produced in accordance with the EU e-invoice directive
  • In-house e-invoice compilation requires compliance with the directive rules on integrity of data and digital signatures
  • Vendors may alternatively use third-party e-invoice outsourcing companies
  • Invoices may be reviewed, completed and retrieved by customers of the vendors
  • B2C transaction reporting through approved electronic cash registers (point-of-sale)

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