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News and resources to help keep your business globally compliant in 2021 and beyond

Brexit 2021

Welcome to a post-Brexit world, but the 'fun' is only just beginning. Fortunately our Brexit summit and clinics are here to help keep you good and services flowing.

COVID-19 recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted some industries and accelerated the growth of others. Keep up-to-date with the global response and impact on goods and services.

Selling into the USA

With more than 15,000 tax jurisdictions, staying on top of your US sales tax liabilities seems an impossible task. Stay on top, and ace your US compliance with our resources and solutions.

Ecommerce VAT reforms

The UK and EU are both reforming VAT for ecommerce sellers in 2021. Learn how these changes are impacting crossborder ecommerce and online marketplaces.

Digitalisation of VAT reporting

The possibility for real-time VAT compliance is now a reality thanks to cloud technology and big data. Global tax authorities are responding with new obligations such as Making Tax Digital and SAF-T. Follow all the changes here