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EU-UK Brexit Trade and Cooperation Agreement - VAT fraud & mutual assistance

The Brexit EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement includes a protocol on cooperation and combating VAT, customs and excise fraud, plus mutual assistance between the EU and UK on recovering tax claims. ...Continued

Norway confirms no UK Brexit Fiscal Representative

The Norwegian Ministry of Finance has confirmed that UK businesses with a direct VAT registration in Norway will not be obliged to appoint a Fiscal Representative...Continued

UK-EU Brexit trade deal done

Today details of the EU-UK Brexit trade deal will be released. It is the first EU tariff and quota-free deal with any country. Who 'won'? What to watch for in any deal? And why was a deal always prob...Continued

World turns to VAT cuts on coronavirus COVID-19 threat

Countries are turning to emergency tax cuts to support their stuttering economies under the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat. VAT is the popular stimulant as it can be adjusted overnight and boosts consu...Continued

Czech coronavirus VAT emergency measures

The Czech Chamber of Deputies has passed urgent measures to assist businesses during the Covid-19 crisis. Businesses will be offered tax payment delays; but this is not automatic. ...Continued

EU 2021 IOSS VAT Intermediary

The EU will reform VAT on e-commerce on 1 July 2021 in its e-commerce VAT package. This will include a new pan-EU import VAT return, Import One-Stop-Shop IOSS return. Non-EU businesses will have to ap...Continued

Italy in hot water on shopper fraud VAT refunds

Italy has been criticised by the European Central Bank for its policy of VAT deductions for shoppers who pay by credit card. The measure is designed to discourage cash-payments which are subject to hi...Continued

Tajikistan VAT of foreign digital services Jan 2021

The Republic of Tajikistan will impose 18% VAT on supplies by non-resident providers of digital services from 1 January 2021. This includes marketplaces or local platforms acting as the agent of the p...Continued

Brexit VAT on services to EU or UK

When the UK leaves the EU VAT regime on 31 December 2020, most of the changes on VAT will affect goods movements. There are limited changes to VAT on services – except certain cross-border B2C service...Continued

Polish e-invoice launch 2023

Poland has updated its plans for mandating electronic VAT invoice to 2023. This will include live reporting of e-invoice to the National System of e-invoices (KSeF) to enable the authorities to monito...Continued