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IOSS and selling goods over €150, is it business as usual?

The EU's Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) applies to consignments below €150, but what happens if the goods you are exporting are above this value?...Continued

Egypt targets food delivery services with VAT

The Egyptian Tax Authority is to impose 14% Value Added Tax on domestic food delivery services, which will apply to both specialist food delivery drivers and services, as well as restaurants. ...Continued

Finland and Estonia live VAT data exchange

The Finnish and Estonian tax offices have started exchanging in real-time Value Added Tax transactional data, increasing the pressure on cross-border traders to think about their live VAT determinatio...Continued

Malaysia extends SST deadlines for COVID-19

The Malaysian Customs Agency has prolonged the filing and payment deadlines for Sales and Services Taxes as the coronavirus crisis continues to affect the economy. May to June 2021 quarter has been mo...Continued

Union vs non-Union OSS: what’s the difference?

Extending the scope of the current MOSS scheme, OSS is split into two categories; Union OSS and Non-Union OSS, and are largely split between the types of transactions covered and which sellers can acc...Continued

Challenges to EU OSS and IOSS regime

The new requirements to charge sales VAT on EU imported sales to consumers not exceeding €150 has brought some major advantages to online sellers and marketplace, but sellers registering for the new I...Continued

Uruguay extends COVID-19 VAT cuts

Uruguay has extended the temporary VAT rate cut for the tourism and hospitality sector until September 30, 2021. This means a cut from the standard VAT rate of 22% to 13%...Continued

EU Commission acts on states’ VAT rule breaking

The European Commission (EC) has issued a range of first warnings to certain member states for infringing the VAT Directive rules. Read more. ...Continued

Portugal delays VAT returns and payments on COVID concerns

Portugal’s Tax and Customs Authority has again offered a postponement to VAT registered businesses on the filing and payment of VAT obligations. See details on delayed due dates....Continued

Missed the July 1 EU VAT reform deadline? Don't worry, it’s not too late to register

If you missed the EU VAT reform starting from July 1, it’s not too late to register. 1 July marked the introduction of Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) but it’s not a hard deadline....Continued